Facepager Privacy Policy

Facepager helps you with using application programming interfaces (APIs) for scientific research purposes. The application does not collect any data about you by itself. All requests are under your full control and no data is transferred between you and the developers of Facepager.

However, when you interact with an API data is transferred between the API server and your computer, i.e. between the platform provider (e.g. Google) and you. You are responsible for complying with the terms of services of the specific provider. Furthermore, we presume that you are committed to the ethical standards of science. See the ethics reports of the Association of Internet Researchers and the ICC/ESOMAR code of conduct for further guidance.

Authorization data

Some APIs require authorization. A common procedure for authorization is called OAuth. This authorization procedure makes sure, that the developers of the application never need your username or password. Facepager supports you with this step. For example, when you click the login button for Facebook, you can get an access token. With this access token you authorize the application to interact with Facebook in your name. The access token is stored on your computer until you delete it from the user interface. It is only used for requests you explicitly start yourself.

In the course of open authorization no data is collected or stored by the developers of Facepager. But the API provider may log your requests and provide us with aggregated usage statistics. These usage statistics consist of the number of logins and requests from different countries in several time intervals. That's all.

Download statistics

When you download Facepager from GitHub, the terms of services and the pricacy policy of GitHub apply. Furthermore, at each start of Facepager preset files are downloaded from the GitHub repository. Please notice, that GitHub collects and provides aggregated download statistics.